Clustering & Alternate Search Engines


When you’re having trouble finding info from the big search engines, try a Clustering or alternative search engine.

Search engines are useful and powerful, but sometimes I just can’t find what I’m looking for with using the big name search engines. That’s when I go to alternate search engines like the ones below. I’ll add a blurb about the various listings as I have time.

I prefer hand-written notes. Apparently the kids and critters prefer my hand-written notes too. They tend to take off with notes and notebooks. I’ll add to this list as I find the notes and notebooks.

Clustering Search Engines




Yippy! :Powered by IBM Watson

Alternate Search Engines

Here are a few other search engines I use.
CreativeCommons Search:

DogPile: They’ve been around for ages.


Meta Crawler: Another oldie but goodie.


These are good ones too:

Everything: From a standalone search engine for files on your system. Runs from a Flash Drive or from hard drive. Also available via,, and other portable application suites.

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